your dreams
come true

The first step towards creating
your dream garden paradise.

This website is intended to show you how we can help you make your dream summer house or residential unit come true – exactly as you
envision it and without any compromises. We are a top-end certified manufacturer specialising in designing bespoke high-quality summer houses, outdoor saunas, garden pavilions, garden offices and studios – as well as holiday cabins – tailored to your specific needs together with you and subsequently building them in our carpentry and joinery workshop. We are only happy, when you are. Give your creativity free
reign – because whatever you can dream, we can make happen!

Please take a look around our various pages for a wealth of inspiration. Or visit our summer house showroom in the beautiful Allgäu in southern Germany and let yourself be inspired. Contact us to arrange an
appointment with one of our consultants for free no-obligation advice – we are always happy to help.

Hummel = Tradition and experience.

We have been building wooden summer houses and studios in Allgäu in Ottobeuren, Germany, for many generations. Hence, the ability to work with wood – a natural material – in a highly professional manner comes natural to us as a family. We have now been building bespoke wooden summer houses and studios entirely to our customers' specifications – using both traditional and modern designs – for over 40 years and are doing so now worldwide. When doing so, we always make available to each of our customers all of our combined capabilities and potential:
Experience from over 10,000 projects, professional expertise,
our commitment to quality and ability to innovate.

Hummel = Quality and perfection.

We are passionate about producing premium-quality summer houses and work to very high-quality standards throughout. This applies both to the materials that we use for our summer houses and the quality of the workmanship of our talented team. All of our staff are specialists and highly skilled in their fields. Teaming with us means working with highly trained and qualified experts from the moment of first contact and
discussion of your needs, right up to the delivery of your finished dream summer house. And we've got the papers to prove it! Our workmanship and the quality of our products is primarily guaranteed through our guild membership, which goes back all the way to when our company was founded in 1972. We are furthermore a state-licensed carpentry and
joinery business, which is a perquisite in Germany for producing the kind of products we do. All of the above is documented by way of our trade
office registration certificate and Chamber of Trade company number. Our high level of vertical integration also means that our products
genuinely qualify for the "Made in Germany" label.

Hummel = Service and individuality.

We are experts a developing bespoke solutions that perfectly meet your needs – whether that's to expand your living or working space, building a hot tub shelter and garden spa, a relaxed garden room or a rustic log cabin. Working with us means the sky is your limit. Our customers' and their needs always take centre stage – including once your summer house has been built. We are extremely pleased that even our first
customers from as far back as 1973 are still turning to us for advice and that we are always able to help! Being experts in the field, we are able to
provide our customers with the best possible advice and design

Hummel = Sustainability and flexibility.

Wood, the material used for our products, is not only a sustainable
material – and one way in which we contribute to environmental
protection – but our houses themselves are also very durable, robust and as flexible as your life might require. This means that your new party shed could always be turned into a garden office should you run out of space indoors as your family grows, or your own personal garden spa years later.