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Traditional craftmanship

Without any ifs and buts
We are a family-owned company and a traditional joinery and carpentry business. This means that we have not only been operating under our own name but have also been taking personal responsibility for the quality of our products and our customers' satisfaction for many generations.

In Germany, businesses such as ours are only allowed to operate and have their own production workshops if they are registered in the Register of Craftsmen. We are registered in this register at the Chamber of Trade under company number 60 33 801 as a business licensed to operate as a joinery and carpentry without any restrictions. This is a sure guarantee for our customers that we are licensed to produce their buildings – which includes small buildings like our garden pavilions – in Germany and have both the legal as well as professional qualifications required to do so. Our conscientiousness is yet another element designed to make you feel that you are in safe hands and is not something we consider optional but a must, because unlicensed trade businesses may also make use of illegal work (Art. 1(2)(5) Law Against Forced Labour and Illegal Employment). Just as with a passport, our business therefore also has a trade office registration certificate that lists all of our accreditations and that you are welcome to view at any time at our office. This is the surest guarantee ever that you are working with a legally and professionally qualified partner.

We are also a member of the State Association of Guilds of Bavarian Joiners and Carpenters (LIV). This in turn helps us to assure that we and our staff are constantly kept up to date about changes in legislation, technologies and new materials. Staying up to date in this way is crucial for us to be able to make sure that our buildings will comply with the current Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices, materials and standards. We have also taken it upon ourselves to obtain further evidence of the above for your peace of mind through e.g. our master craftsman's business certificate, for which – amongst others – we have to observe specific training intervals. Within this scheme, we have achieved the highest possible rating and are considered a 5-Star Master Craftsman's Business. And that's something we can actually provide proof of in the form of our certificate.

All of our staff are specialists and highly skilled in their fields. This means that your unique building will be built by professional joiners and carpenters only. You are also welcome to visit us here in Ottobeuren to see these professionals at work with your own eyes. Our office, production facility and showroom are all housed on the same premises, i.e. at the same address. We pride ourselves in our transparency and ability to welcome our customers on our premises to give them in an insight into how we operate. This high level of transparency is something we actively live. As part of that, we e.g. also invite wood technology students from a local technical college to visit our premises and open our doors to the public during the Hundegger Innovation Days.