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Garden gyms

fitness 2.0

Work out in your own garden

Enjoy peace, time out, rest and exercise
in nature no matter what the weather

Exercise is extremely important for overall good health and crucial for staying healthy and fit in old age. Exercise is a very personal thing,
affects our body, mind and emotional well-being, and is increasingly
becoming more recognised as highly important. However, a makeshift cross training studio set up in some corner of your home is just as
ineffective as is training in an overcrowded stuffy gym with too many people competing for space. Basement gyms don't tend to be very
appealing either when it comes to getting your heart pumping. That's why garden gyms have been rapidly gaining in popularity. In a home gym, you can follow whatever exercise plan works best for you – without compromise. Working out at whatever intensity or frequency suits you, without any distractions and without having to keep track of opening times. No queuing, no hold-ups, just peace and quiet.

We've all been there: Coming home after a hard day at work and all you want is to be able to relax and exercise. However, having to go all the way to the gym for just that can be a struggle and getting on your
exercise bike in the basement next to the ironing board is rarely an
attractive alternative.

This is why more and more people are taking action to create their
personal dream gyms in their gardens. The perfect place to unwind, get your body in shape and to do so no matter what the weather. Because running on your treadmill in your garden gym is a thing that can be done any time and opening the window will make it nearly as good as actually running outside. That means, it doesn't matter how hard it rains – you'll be guaranteed to stay dry and gone will be days of running through mud. This can be a real bonus especially on colder days.

We will be very happy to design your own personal exercise studio with you. Whether that's a spacious yoga or Pilates studio, or summer houses for exercising at home on your weight bench, cross trainer or treadmill.

Please take a look at the information provided under "Creating your dream house" for information on how we can help. This is also where you can find out why you will be in the best possible hands with us when it comes to service and quality.