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Garden saunas

Just nipped
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Your private slice of heaven
a stone’s throw from your home.

Your dream sauna – a perfect blend
of excellent design and first-rate quality.

Sauna – a room full of comforting warmth, gentle sounds and the
pleasant scent of fragrance oils. Extremely peaceful and calming, the perfect space for simply switching off, unwinding and relaxing without a phone anywhere in sight. The perfect ending to a stressful day. The
gentle sound of rain falling onto the panoramic roof. The large glass
windows offering a perfect view of the flowers and trees in the garden for that perfect sense of relaxation in nature. The kind of treat that can turn even a rainy day into sheer delight.


Unwinding and enjoying a sauna right in the middle of nature. Followed by a short walk through your garden wrapped up warm for a quick shower before sinking into the welcoming warmth of your bed!

A luxurious way to pamper yourself and unwind no matter what the time of day.

An impromptu break from your daily routine, simple, straightforward and available to the whole family at the drop of a hat and without having to leave your house – your own private sauna in your garden, with a jacuzzi, shower, entrance hall and anything else your heart desires. Let your imagination run free and let us make your dream sauna a reality! Come and visit our showroom to get some inspiration for your dream sauna from our attractive range of saunas on show.

Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants for free no-obligation advice – we are always happy to help. Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want from your outdoor sauna or are only just starting to explore ideas for one – between us,
we are sure to create the perfect sauna for your garden that will tick all of your boxes.

Please take a look at the information provided under "Creating your dream house" for information on how we can help. This is also where you can find out why you will be in the best possible hands with us when it comes to service and quality.