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Modern summer houses

Your own
private garden

A different world
just a stone’s throw from your house.

Uncompromising design and infinite possibilities
for creating your own private sanctuary

How about the wonderful feeling of resting on a lounger outside your sanctuary after a dip in the pool located right in front of it? With a glass of nicely chilled Prosecco. Summer is here and your large French doors are fully open, letting the fragrant scent of flowers and sound of buzzing bees into the light-flooded family room right in the middle of nature.
Enjoying and relaxing in your own personal luxury retreat at home away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A perfect day in your
own garden!

Taking a break from the busyness of life in a matter of minutes, without any need to travel; hosting wow-factor parties in your garden –
uncompromising design, exclusive furniture and carefully selected
accessories – the perfect recipe for turning your bespoke summer house into the most special hideaway you can dream of.

Feel free to start planning your first garden party now while we take care of creating the perfect luxury garden room for you to host it in. Come and visit our summer house showroom and let yourself be inspired by our luxurious hideaways. Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants for free no-obligation advice – we are always happy to help. Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want from your modern summer house or are only just starting to explore ideas for one. Between us, we are sure to create the perfect solution that will tick all of your boxes.

Please take a look at the information provided under "Creating your dream house" for information on how we can help. This is also where you can find out why you will be in the best possible hands with us when it comes to service and quality.