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Colori SPA

In the middle
of the rainbow

Bringing colour to our saunas.

Playful colour accents
cleverly integrated into a perfect design

Fancy being bathed in red light while recharging? Or prefer a calming green? Does yellow make you feel happy? Or do you prefer a range of different colours? Our Colori SPA outdoor sauna allows you to bathe yourself in your favourite colours and to bring the colours of the rainbow into your sauna with our coloured external glass panes. These coloured glass panes can be changed any time in whatever way works best for you. Experience the healing effects for body and mind of different colours as used in colour therapy.

Another stylish aspect of the Colori SPA's design is its modern cube shape and clearly divided interior. This 6m x 4.3m cube contains a sauna, shower and generously sized lounge area. The large lift & slide patio door opens onto a 2m x 4.3m sun deck. The interior lighting is yet another special feature designed by Hummel that involves channelling light from the lower to the higher areas to create pleasantly
muted lighting.

The Colori SPA has been built using Hummel's solid construction method – just as are all of Hummel's outdoor saunas – in order to be able to recreate the kind of climate typical of Finnish saunas. The solid wooden walls and beams absorb heat on the outside and then release it on the inside.

Colori SPA combines minimalist design with clever accents and has been designed exclusively for Hummel by architect Barbara Martin
including to provide a range of additional health benefits, all of which has turned it into a trendsetter in the world of outdoor saunas.
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cross-section & ground plan