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The most exclusive
garden address

Experience a new and
unprecedented level of quality.

Our summer house, "THE EQUINOX", offers 72 m² of generously luxurious space to enjoy those special personal moments. Each of the private retreats has exclusive wood-aluminum windows made of oak. The handcrafted hemlock sauna has exclusive accents which are appear on the exterior facade. Complete with a unique oak floor, the anteroom maintains an ideal temperature thanks to its trench heating system. In the middle of the house, you'll find a walk-in outdoor cabinet that offers plenty of storage space – perfect for stowing your high-quality garden tools or firewood in. 
A spacious seating area with relaxing colors provides all the comfort you need to stretch out with a smile, read a bestseller, or simply enjoy the continuously changing panorama view. This is undoubtedly a place where everyday life can take a back seat. 
As the most exclusive address to be found in the garden, "THE EQUINOX" offers a magnificent setting with first-class amenities that can be tailored to your personal preferences: the size, room layout, and features are freely selectable. We lovingly take care of every detail that's important to you while setting extraordinary standards for your new garden experience – the best in the world. It's what we stand for.
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