• A wish come true

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Creating your dream house

Making your
come true

From idea to implentation.

Found the exact right house for your garden and would like us to customise it? If so, we can either develop a basic concept or draw up a detail plan tailored to your specific
needs depending on what's right for you.
When doing so, we will discuss all of the other details and
materials in person with you. To do so, you are also welcome to visit us at our showroom in the beautiful Allgäu, where you will also be able to get a first-hand experience of our houses. However, if that isn't an option, we are also very happy to talk to you over the phone or in your home.
Once we know your specific needs, requirements and
preferences, we will use this information to draw up a quote for your new holiday or summer house.
Next, our house designers will get to work on creating detailed technical CAD drawings using the latest software and can also provide you with a 3D model if required.
That done, we are going to discuss all of the smaller details of your summer house before everything will be ready for you to place your order with us.
We are then going to produce your bespoke house using the latest technologies, making sure that everything works to
perfection and that the interior is exactly as you specified. You will also be very welcome to visit our production workshop to get a glimpse of how we produce your building.
Next, there'll be the big moment – the moment your summer house will be delivered and, optionally, assembled by us. (Please note that delivery & assembly will require that the
relevant work/preparations required on site have been
completed in advance) Once delivered or assembled, we will then formally hand over your house to you and explain how everything works.
All that's then left to do for you is to enjoy!