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Garden offices


Working from an office at home
cuts your commuting time
down to about zero.

Efficient planning and modern infrastructures
can furthermore turn your home office into the
perfect workplace right in the middle of your garden.

Simply press enter, listen as your printer springs into action and prints out your new design – the result of two hours of productive work in the quiet of your garden. Leaning back in your comfy office chair. In an office flooded with soft morning light. Perfectly designed and furnished, trendy and modern – all of which makes a tremendous difference to your
productivity. And all of that with nature right there on your doorstep – which might make it feel like a dream come true. That paves the ground for more creativity and inspiration – such as for your next design –
although you might want a coffee first. Or head back to your house for breakfast with your family. And why not! This is true freedom!

Moving your office outdoors to make more space for your children
without having to rent somewhere, opting for a commute with zero traffic during rush hour, working from home but away from the hustle and
bustle of family life – your office on your own grounds for the perfect work-life balance.

If you are actually running your whole company from your own home, perhaps even with extra staff or with a lot of client traffic, a garden office will allow you to perfectly separate your business from your private life while engaging with both from the same location.

Why not take a moment to image what your perfect working day would look like, right down to the smallest details, while we take care of
designing your perfect garden office or treatment room for your very own garden! Come and visit our showroom and let yourself be inspired by the endless possibilities available to you. Contact us to arrange an
appointment with one of our consultants for free no-obligation advice – we are always happy to help. Regardless of whether you already know exactly what you want from your home office or are only just starting to explore ideas for one – between us, we are sure to create the perfect garden workplace for you that will tick all of your boxes.

Please take a look at the information provided under "Creating your dream house" for information on how we can help. This is also where you can find out why you will be in the best possible hands with us when it comes to service and quality.