A summer house with a yacht feeling:

bringing the Mediterranean to your garden

Looking out over vast expanses of water from the deck of a yacht,
soaking up the sun from a lounger and enjoying a Sundowner in the evening. And in future, you'll be able to enjoy all of that without actually leaving your home – i.e. in the comfort of your own garden. This house has been built in such a way as to make it look as if is floating, while its Skydeck sun deck gives it a real yacht feeling.

Skydeck is the highlight of our 19 show houses in our summer house showroom in Ottobeuren. This is because its base has been designed in such a way as to make it look as if it is floating above the ground, which gives it the unique feeling of being on a yacht. The 21-square metre sun deck, which is reminiscent of the decks on yachts, can be reached over two steps. The unique metallic-looking finish on the external walls and the modern pent roof furthermore remind of a cruise ship.

The 3m x 3.6m large indoor space also has a very special feel, is
panelled with silver fur and features a high-quality oak floor. One of the interior space's special features is the change in angle due to difference in size between the rear wall and front of the house. This makes the room feel very spacious and creates a special feel.

The large folding windows at the front of the Skydeck summer house make offer extensive views of the surrounding garden. Thanks to the fact that the folding doors can be fully opened, the interior and deck can be literally used as a single large space. This means that your living space can be quickly expanded when the sun is out to enjoy the sense of being on a yacht even more still. The absence of any barriers between the
living area and deck also makes it very easy to move furniture such as loungers and chair from the inside to the outside. Thanks to the special way the window blinds are fitted, pulling them down to block out the sun does not impact at all on the ability to freely move between the interior and the deck outside. This is because the Skydeck's blinds are fitted
between the windowpanes and are therefore also protected from wind and rain.

The Skydeck can furthermore be used all year round thanks to the ducted channel heating, which heats the interior very quickly. This means that you will also be able to enjoy your beautiful garden during the winter from the warm interior looking out through this modern
summer house's large front windows. That is, even in outdoor temperatures in which most people would not voluntarily opt to step on a boat.

It goes without saying of course that Skydeck also comes with high-quality interior fittings and can consequently be used as a unique living space all year round. So as to make sure that every one of our
customers can get their own personal yacht heaven, we are also happy to customise the design to suit your special needs – just as we are with all of our summer houses. This makes the Skydeck perfect for realising your own personal dreams.

cross-section & ground plan